3 Ads To Make Your Brand Less Boring

Warning: Banger Ads Enclosed. Side effects include: Making your brand less insufferably boring this month.

Hey internet friends - hope you’ve scrolled well today.

This morning, my two cats took turns meowing at my door until I got out of bed to feed them. I’m starting to think they hold secret meetings to plan their next strategy. It’s like living with tiny, furry mob bosses. Anyway.

Here’s what I’ve dug up from the internet for you:
3 banger ad breakdowns (to save you from marketing mediocrity)
2 industry insights (so you can pretend you read something other than clickbait)
1 curated Ad Pack (that deserves more love than your ex)
Sourced from the internet’s largest ad library.

Estimated read time: 2mins 2s

3 Banger Ad Breakdowns

Duke Cannon Supply

Why it slaps: The art of surprise.
I’m obsessed with the hook and immediate twist of this ad. So relatable. So easy. So creative. Such a smart way to execute a phone demonstration of your product / ordering flow that feels native to platform.
How you could adapt: Think of other scenes where water could get on your phone. Then, how does your brand come to life on mobile?


Why it slaps: Incredible audio / visual story
If you watch only one thing today, make it this ad, with sound on. The combination of sleek visuals and gripping voiceover makes it feel like a mini movie. And believe it or not, it’s not an Apple ad.
How you could adapt: What is the core problem your product solves, reimagined as a mini movie?

Oats Overnight

Why it slaps: Brilliant Ad-ception.
Your own ads… within an ad? Genius. Love it. They really took ‘repurposing content’ to a new high in a way that is humorous yet self aware. Watch the full ad to see how they cleverly conveyed product benefits, and click to see their very fun ad copy.
How you could adapt: How have you been convinced by your own ads?

2 Industry Insights

Pinterest Board Sharing Feature Means Your DIY Obsession Just Got Louder

Explainer: Pinterest just made it easier for you to show off your curated boards as dynamic videos to share on social media. Imagine turning your collection of artisanal cupcake ideas into a video that screams "look at me!" even louder than before (obviously this feature was inspired by their Gen Z userbase). You can also generate a link for others to explore your entire board on the platform, which is cool, but… (if you’ll indulge me in a shameless product plug) MagicBrief did it first 👀
Takeaway: How can your brand harness the trend of broadcasting personal inspiration?

Google Tests Adding IG Results to its Perspectives Feature

Explainer: Google Perspectives is a feature that adds diverse viewpoints to search results, giving users a broader understanding of their queries. Recently, Google included Instagram posts in this feature, because who doesn’t want brunch pics with their search results? This update is part of what Google announced at Google I/O: "a dedicated Perspectives section on the results page to bring more diverse voices to Search. Tap the “See more” link, and voila, a full page of perspectives is at your fingertips, now rolling out for some users.
Takeaway: People want to hear perspectives from real people… How can your brand own thought leadership in your niche?

1 Curated Ad Pack

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Here is a sweet little internet treat to help you make better little internet ads this month.

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