3 Ads To Make Your Sales Suck Less This Month

Warning: Banger Ads Enclosed. Side effects include: Making your sales content actual fun to look at.

Hey internet friends - hope you’ve scrolled well today.

June marks the end of the fiscal year in Australia. Not sure who decided to pick June. But hey. Good time to push sales before selling your soul to the tax gremlins next month.

Here’s what I’ve dug up from the internet for you:
3 banger ad breakdowns (to save you from marketing mediocrity)
2 industry insights (so you can pretend you read something other than clickbait)
1 curated Ad Pack (that deserves more love than your ex)

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3 Banger Ad Breakdowns


Why it slaps: Thumbstopping visual hook.
A super easy concept for DTC brands to execute for audiences who are brand aware and primed to buy. Shopping bag is also nice touch for sale season.
How you could adapt: Is there a sale or something else you want to share with your audience on one sheet of paper?


Why it slaps: Clever opening copy
Using time (5 years worth) to quantify sale price ($20) is a smart way to package up and instantly convey value. If you watch the full ad it also backs this up with a snappy product demo.
How you could adapt: What is a timeframe you can anchor product usage to for a sale or bundle? The bigger the timeframe, the punchier the claim.

Oscar & Frank

Why it slaps: Great storytelling
A creative way to share a discount code to your audience without blasting it in their face. Watch the full ad to hear their story of how the code got out.
How you could adapt: Come up with your own story of how your discount code got leaked. To take it a step further you could even add footage of the crime.

2 Industry Insights

LG Launches “Optimism Your Feed” Playlist

Explainer: LG is sticking to their “Life’s Good” motto with the new ‘Optimism your feed’ campaign to tackle social media anxiety. A survey shows 45% of users see equal or more negative content in their feeds due to algorithm biases. Partnering with influencers and experts like Professor Casey Fiesler, LG offers a ‘positive’ playlist to retrain algorithms for more uplifting content. This playlist is available on LG's global TikTok and YouTube channels, aiming to bring more optimism and balance to online experiences.
Takeaway: How can your brand contribute to making social media a nicer place to be on the internet this month?

TikTok Can’t Mention The Olympics But They Still Gave Us A Guide For It

Explainer: With the Olympics coming up, TikTok have released a 19-page “Summer of Sports” guide for brands to harness the sports season. It covers everything from engaging communities and timing your campaigns to practical case studies, but also has some good stuff in there beyond sports tie-ins on what works best for TikTok promotions. A funny fact? They can’t actually say the word Olympics (because, rules) so it’s now the ‘Summer Games’. Lol.
Takeaway: Start planning for timely and relevant content around Olympics Season!

1 Curated Ad Pack

You made it.
Here is a sweet little internet treat to help you make better little internet ads this month.

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